About the Museum

museumThe Los Angeles Police Museum, through exhibitions, programs, publications, media, and related activities, creates unique and vivid experiences that broaden public awareness, perspective and knowledge of LAPD’s role in the development and expansion of the City of Los Angeles. Residents and tourists alike have a place to view exhibits on the SLA shootout, vintage uniforms, antique badges, the Onion Field, and more. For example, as you enter the Commissioners Gallery, made possible through the generosity of former Police Commission President Bert Boeckmann and his family, the public is reminded of the dedication of the women and men who have served on the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners since its establishment in 1870.

We want to reach more children, families, neighbors, and communities through new programs and exhibits each and every year. And, we must preserve our collections and maintain the old North East Police Station, which is our home. That is why we need your help. Your generous gift will enable us to achieve our mission – to collect, preserve, exhibit and interpret the history of the Los Angeles Police Department.